In force from 15th February 2017

The below Terms of Service shall be a license agreement between a natural person using the Software and services provided by Gamestone (hereinafter: the User) with its seat in Bydgoszcz (hereinafter: Gamestone), providing for the terms and conditions for use of Gamestone Software and services, both available for downloading in online stores and sold on original data carriers. Prior to installation of the Software and making use of Gamestone services, the User should read this license agreement thoroughly. The Software shall be transferred upon the rules of license, but not sold. Through the purchase, installation or use of Gamestone Software and services the User accepts the terms and conditions hereof. In the case of giving no consent to these terms and conditions, the Software should not be installed or used. This agreement shall be applied regardless of Software licenses obtained by the User. Any rights not expressly granted below shall be reserved to the maximum extent admitted by law in force for Gamestone and its licensors. User’s rights to make use of services and the Software on the basis hereof shall be strictly dependant on his/her regular compliance with the terms and conditions herein. In certain cases User’s rights to make use of the Software and services may be limited in respect of the number of activations or registrations or may be seized in full, according to the sole decision of Gamestone.


As long as the User complies with the terms and conditions hereof, Gamestone grants to the User a non-exclusive limited right and license to install for private use at home only the Software and to make use of it basing on a computer hard disc or internal memory of mobile devices at User’s possession and under User’s care, and meeting the requirements specified in the Software and services description, including on many carriers at the same time and basing on an account provided by Gamestone or a third party (e.g. Google Play Games). The license shall not be granted with the right of delegation. Gamestone services and Software shall be for private non-commercial use, except for situations expressly approved by Gamestone in writing.








In order to avoid straining muscles, joints or eyes when making use of Gamestone services and Software, the User should always make often breaks and take a longer rest, if he/she feels pain, exhaustion, fatigue or any other discomfort. A slight percentage of people can have a seizure or lose consciousness due to contact with flashing lights or patterns, including video games or watching video recordings. Symptoms can include vertigo, nausea, uncontrolled moves, loss of consciousness, visual disturbance, tingling, numbness or any other discomfort. Users who experienced these or similar symptoms should contact a doctor prior to making use of services or the Software, refrain from using of such product immediately and consult a doctor, if such or similar symptoms appear while using the product. Parents should check, if their children making use of services or the Software experience such symptoms.


In accordance with law in force, Gamestone shall be liable only (i) in the case of the deliberate violation of the agreement conditions, (ii) in the case of gross negligence evidenced in a court proceeding, (iii) for damage due to physical injury and health damage, or (iv) in the case of violation of applicable laws on liability for product defects. Gross negligence shall pertain to an action or omission being a consequence of gross negligence and distinct negligence of duties.


Without prejudice to any other rights, Gamestone may terminate this agreement without notice with immediate effect, if the User fails to meet the conditions hereof. In the event of termination, the User must destroy or remove all copies of the Software and all its components, including the Software stored on a hard disc of any computer or in the memory of any mobile device. The User may terminate the agreement with Gamestone any time by way of destroying the Software and uninstalling it from a hard disc or another carrier, including mobile device internal memory. Any and all provisions hereof pertaining to the waiver of rights, to warranty, limitation of liability, remedies or compensations and rights of Gamestone resulting from the ownership title, as well as to the choice of governing law and jurisdiction, indemnification and other aspects shall survive the termination hereof.


Gamestone may amend or modify this agreement from time to time. In such an event, Gamestone shall notify the User of all introduced amendments or modifications announcing this on the website. All amendments shall apply immediately unless otherwise announced. If within one month after such announcement the User fails to raise objection against the amended License Agreement, the further use of services and the Software shall mean that the User accepts the new version of the agreement.