Maze Bandit

It's outstanding combination of puzzle, multiplayer game, including exciting mix of action and logic elements, with casual style of art fitted for all ages.


Progress through 90 single player levels set in 6 unique kingdoms.

Customize your hero. Change his clothes and appearance.

Develop your castle and gain access to more possibilities.

Watch replays to see how other players beat your maze. Revenge and show who’s the boss.

Challenge other players by designing and upgrading tricky constructions and traps in your own maze.

Grow rich by discovering and plundering rival Bandit mazes and take over their sleeping beauties.

Be the best in daily, weekly, monthly and global leaderboards.

Challenge Facebook friends and compare your best scores.

What do players think?

I truly enjoy that game!

It's absolutely cool. What's important it's free and without painful wallpayments.

Jessie Weber

Great Game!

Simple but addictive. Download and have fun.

Don Falcon

So good!

Amazing game, time to use your brain! Great graphic.

Lily Edwards